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Daily Events - Something Different Every day!

Each day of the week you will discover a different theme interpreted by our Heritage Animators. All our animators are volunteers who live nearby, and many remember first hand what life was like in the 1940s. You’ll hear their personal stories and reminiscences, along with demonstration of skills related to the themed day.

MONDAY - School Day
Our teacher may invite you to sit in a 1940s desk, give you a quiz, help you recite the pledge, or give you a lesson in hand writing.

- Playful Kittens

TUESDAY - Gold Mining Day
Come and sit in the Mine Manager’s Cabin and hear the stories of prospecting and mining. Get a lesson in assaying and see how the ball mill restoration is coming along. Look for ore in the pile of tailings.

WEDNESDAY - Forestry Day
Discover how lumber was felled and processed in the 1940s. Try sharpening an axe, or fitting a handle. Identify the “pegs” from the Peg Factory.

THURSDAY - Homestead Day
Meet the women who kept the homes running when their husband were gone on long fishing trips or away at the lumber camps. Smell the aroma of woodstoves and home baking. See how much easier life is with a new Beatty washing machine. Stay a while in the parlour and enjoy the radio.

FRIDAY - Fishing Day
Hear the stories of fishing with a “make and break” engine Try knitting a lobster heading, or pegging a lobster claw. Discover how an eel pot works, identify a clam basket, and watch a lobster trap being made.

SATURDAY - Community Day Try you hand at cards in the Cookhouse, or settle in for a few tunes from thepump organ or accordion in the parlour. Pick blueberries and discover your descendants at the Genealogy Centre.

SUNDAY - Church Day Catch a choir practice in the church or hear the hymns being practiced on the pump organ.