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Group Tours

Memory Lane is an ideal group tour destination, either for a day trip exploration combined with other sites, or as a stop-overgoing east to Liscomb, Sherbrooke Village and Cape Breton, or returning west to Halifax and the International Airport.

- Kids enjoying sweets at Hoskins Store


Our parking lot is spacious and easily accommodates more than one large tour bus. Passengers can disembark in front of the Village’s entrance, through the Hosking Store.


All buildings on site are wheel chair accessible. Key buildings of interest, including the Giftshop, General Store, Cookhouse, Garage, Antique Vehicles, School and Church are within a 2-5 minute walk. Other buildings require more walking. Resting benches are positioned throughout the Village.


Our modern and spacious washroom facilities are conveniently located in the Hosking’s Store and Cookhouse. Wheelchair accessible washroom and family change room also located in the Hosking Store.

Heritage Giftshop & Post Office

Our Gift Shop offers a wide variety of 1940s related products, handcraftedat the Village, as well as local crafts, both traditional and contemporary.The store has been fully restored, is stocked with period products,and includes a restored Post Office where mail can be sent using theVillage’s unique cancellation stamp.

Here are a variety of tour options, with group tour prices and averagetiming to assist you with planning your tour. If these options do notsuit your needs, please contact us for a custom program. Please notethat bus driver and tour guide receive complimentary admission and meal.

Tour Options

Pit Stop Visit: 15-20 mins.

Cost per person: FREE
Discover the nostalgia of a 1940s period store, while being greeted by ourcostumed Store Keepers. Send a postcard with our unique cancellation stamp and tour the gift shop, featuring local handcrafted gifts. Washrooms adjacent to gift shop.


Pit Stop Visit + Cookhouse Snack: 20-30 mins.

Cost per person: $3.00
Enjoy a self serve snack of tea, coffee or juice, homemade cookies or gingerbread in our rustic Cookhouse. Browse through the Hosking Store & Gift Shop. Costumed cook and storekeepers will greet the tour.


Pit Stop Visit + Village Tour: 45-90 mins

Cost per person: $3.00
A guided tour of the Village, focusing on themore popular and easily accessible buildings: Schoolhouse, Church, Homestead, Boatshop and Fisherman’s Store. Costumed animators in many of the buildings are local volunteers demonstrating their skills and knowledge of the 1940s period.


Pit Stop Visit + Village Tour + Cookhouse Snack: 60-105 mins.

Cost per person: $6.00
A guided tour of the more popular and easily accessible buildings with costumed animators greeting the tour at each building and demonstrating their skills and knowledge of the 1940s period. Snack in the Cookhouse before or after the tour. Visitors are welcome to rest in the Cookhouse (warmed by the barrel woodstove on cold days) while the tour takes place.


Pit Stop Visit + Village Tour + Cookhouse Chow: 90-120:mins.

Cost per person: $10.00 (19+ years)

A guided Village tour combined with Chow in the Cookhouse served before or after the tour. Chow includes soup, baked beans, bread, beverage and dessert, made right in the Cookhouse.


Pit Stop Visit + Village Tour + Cookhouse Heritage Meal:
100-130 mins.

Cost per person: $17.00 (including tour)

A pre-booked special meal requires more than 10 people and must be booked at least one week in advance. Option available to book an evening meal (after regular closing hour of 4:00 PM). Meal options include Corned Beef and Cabbage, Seafood Chowder, Cookhouse Chicken, Pork and Sauerkraut, Hodgepodge, Simmered Beef in Gravy, Fishcakes and Beans, Baked Haddock, Salt Cod and Pork Scraps, all served with vegetables, beverage and traditional desserts like blueberry grunt, apple crisp, rhubarb cobbler. Tour may choose two meal options, but must have at least 5 people per meal choice.


Pit Stop Visit + Cookhouse Chow: 45-60 mins.

Cost per person: 9.00


Pit Stop Visit + Cookhouse Meal: 60-75 mins.

Cost per person: $12.00


School Tours: 60-75 mins.

Cost per person (students and chaperones): $3.00

Customized tours depending on age level and learning outcomes. Children may use the Cookhouse to eat their own snacks or lunch. Games, meal options, and customized tours are available upon request.


Custom Guided Tour

We also offer custom tours designed to accommodate the specific interests of the visiting group. Tours can focus on themes, such as gold mining, homesteading, schooling, fishing, etc. Average tour time: 60-120 mins.